Struggling with coping

I lost my sister in July, she was a younger sister and it wasn’t expected, she was failed by her docs fron 2 hospitals due to xovid she was diagnosed wrongly and then ignored, she ended up bleeding to death internally in alot of pain, we as a family have found it hard to handle but life goes on and we have to keep moving forward just with deep sadness, last night was the first time I slept properly since the 3rd of July when were given the news, today I have found I’ve felt quite sad, christmas coming people getting excited but my sister won’t be here, thoughts entering my head about years to come and she won’t be sharing any if it with me but I think what’s not helping is our Dad is also dying and the girl I work with her mum is dying, she comes into work talking about the pain her mum is in, hiw much meds her mum is on, what nurses are with her mum, visiting her mum, buying her mum stuff and I’m finding it so hard, I know she needs a release but I’m still heart sore about my sister and I don’t live near my dad who is alone dying of lung cancer, he lives in sheltered housing and has refused a hospice at present, he was given a month to live 5 months ago and still holding on so I find her situation so hard for me to give her comfort while I’m broken inside, I don’t know how to say to her because I think I might be the only one she can express herself to but I’m not mentally strong enough, I’m her boss and feel I need to be there for her, but I feel its breaking me

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Dear I sorry for your loss and the pain you are going through. Grief is so overwhelming and it might be helpful to you to chat to a Bereavement Counsellor and share your thoughts and feelings.

Cruse Bereavement Support (UK residents only) 0808 808 1677 offer free counselling and personalised support along with an online Cruse chat.

Take care.

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Thank you, I think I will try that

Whilst I was having the Cruse zoom calls “still do sometimes” we were able to share our personal details “had to email giving written permission” this then opened up a whole new opportunity to discuss our feelings through Text, Email, phone etc and even meeting up in person. I found this helpful as it was Instantaneous so we did not have to wait for the meeting, plus we got to know each other really well and were and still are in the same situation.

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