Struggling with Dads death

Hi my dad died 6 months ago and I feel like I am struggling. I was his main carer and he lived with us half of the week and I had contact every day when he wasn’t here. I am an only child, a single parent and my mum died in 2008. My family is now just my daughter aged 12. I’ve found some friends have pulled away since he died which has been quite upsetting. I can’t go out easily as need childcare and recently changed my job to fit round school holidays so have new work colleagues I don’t know well. When not working I am very low and weepy and struggle to see a positive future. Activities feel sad without him around. I wondered what has helped other people?

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Hello I’m so sorry. I lost my partner 3rd May. I walk a bit. I don’t do a lot. I try to help others eg on here. Sorry I’m not great conversation. Pm anytime. Thinking of you. Oh yes I phone Cruse Bereavement, Google it? Thinking of you.

Thanks for replying, really appreciate it and so sorry you lost your partner.

Hi Jen, I’m very sorry to read of your situation. I know what you mean about struggling to see a positive future and it’s very draining. I’ve been living with the idea of a lonely isolated future for myself for several months, but just recently I’ve realised those thoughts are not helping and so I’ve made an effort to envisage something happier. Nothing too specific, and I don’t know how I will get there, but just by imagining a more favourable future I have begun to feel a bit more optimistic. It might help you if next time you think about the future, you try to picture a situation in which you are feeling happy and contented with life even though your path there isn’t clear to you. If you try it I hope that it helps you. With best wishes.

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