Struggling with grief

I lost my dad almost 6 months ago. I have dealt with it better than i wouldve done a year ago but im starting to feel the pain. I love my daughter and understand im a mum but all o want to do is sit and cry on my own and i cant so i hide it to stop people asking questions :persevere: i feel guilty about the relationship i never got with my dad. The regret of my anxiety stopping me from going down when i shouldve. I tried to get help for bereavement but have been told because im sorting out my mental health i cant access the help needed as they work in tiers. I feel lost, alone and now completely broken


Hi @Alexandra27 ,
Sorry to hear your struggling so much with your loss, it sounds like the mental health people really should be giving you more support, :pensive:. I understand the putting on the “I’m ok” when actually I’m not ok face, sometimes we just want our alone time to grieve, personally I find having a good cry, letting the emotions out helps. I think sometimes we need that space to process what’s happening. Sending hugs of support.

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