struggling with losing my dad

Hi lyndsey I’m going through the same thing. My dad died in March and it has left a huge hole in my life. I have my wife and kids to help me through this but my wife won’t talk to me about it.

It is very hard to know where to start to try to come to terms with it and how to accept it.

Be nice to hear from you.


hi william,

im sorry to hear about your loss. Im sorry your wife wont talk to you about it, maybe she feels like she doesnt want to upset u?.

i dont think we will ever come to terms with it. i have good days and bad but on the whole miss him more than anything… i guess we have to take one day at a time… i been doing things to help me cope. i did race for life for him and always keep myself busy…

hardest time is when im alone and kids are in bed…

i hope this helps a little

not much we can do but never forget them and keep their memory here x