struggling with loss of my son

Jan 25th of this year my son collapsed at home paramedics and doctors worked on Ian for an hour but he wouldnt wake up. Ian suffered a broken arm due to a fall from a ladder had two operations so two hospital stays after discharge he was fine then that fateful morning he was gone a post mortem revealed DVT and pulmonary embolism. I miss him so much he never left home and had some learning difficulties so i was his carer his mum and my best friend. I cannot sleep constantly bursting into tears i have people around but i cant talk without crying i get angry all the time im really struggling without him here in my life

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Hi Lisa. How you are feeling is really normal i lost my son in December he was 28 and every time I hear of another son of daughter dying my heart breaks Jonathan was my only one and my best friend as well as would laugh n cry together and I miss him everyday you are so brave coming on here it was the best thing I did as well as counselling i hope you are getting help as well it helps so much knowing your not alone we really do understand it’s a site or group you never want to be part of but we are and they are always ready to listen n help in anyway take care Linda x

Hi Lisa
I’m so sorry you have lost your son Ian , I lost my beautiful daughter and best friend in dec last year , everyday is a struggle , I still cry everyday I miss her so much , all I can say is take one day at a time and if that is too much one hour or one minute at a time that’s all we can do , we live in a cruel world and it is so unfair that we have lost our children
Sending a big hug