Struggling with loss

I am struggling.I am feeling very alone .I don’t know how to fill my empty days. I know this will pass but it’s so hard.

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Hi, so sorry to hear about your loss.
I lost my younger brother a few weeks ago and his funeral was 2 days ago, I feel so lost and miss him so much it hurts. I don’t know how to talk to my parents as they are in a terrible place dealing with their own grief so like you I feel alone even though I’m not, people keep telling me it will get easier but I just don’t see it. Take care and keep posting on here it really does help. Hugs Lisa :heartpulse:

I am so sorry . I am finding that losing Mum has returned me to a place I thought I had left behind. Please keep reaching out .It does help. I know that grief does change with time but it hurts so much .Have a hug🤗

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