Struggling with loss

I lost my youngest son age 30 in May, I also lost another son in2011 and my husband when I was 36. I struggle every day with shock. I may be going back to work on a phased return. I miss my son so much and think about him from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep. Does anyone relate to my circumstances?

Dear ZaMaureen

I’m so desperately sorry to read you’ve lost your son coupled with your other losses. My heart breaks for you :broken_heart:

I lost my younger son in October 2019. That loss has crippled me as he struggled with his mental health and I try so hard to support and understand his struggles.
He took recreational drugs alongside his prescribed medication. His death was an accident. Ten weeks after this tragedy one of my nephews (Oli) took his own life.

These two deaths were like a bomb exploding in my family.

Ten weeks after this my sister in law contracted Covid19 and died. She was fighting cancer.

Like you…these multiple deaths completely destabilise everything you understand and probably take for granted.

I still struggle to believe all this has happened. I’m sure it’s the same for you and losing your second child is beyond cruel. How do we cope…? This site is amazing in that there are so many courageous people trying to live with their grief.

I’m sending you much love and a hug

We’re all on the same journey and our loved ones who’ve gone ahead are waiting patiently for us.

Purple x

Hi zamaureen I am so sorry for your loss , two sons and your husband , I can’t imagine how you have dealt with so much heart ache. I lost my son also in May and am not coping well. There are a few threads on here you might find helpful “sudden loss of my son” and “loss of our son aged 27 “, with lots of comments and help. I have found them helpful anyway and always come to this site when I can’t cope anymore. I feel worse now than I did in the beginning but have found that’s not so unusual. Actually It’s good to find out everything I am feeling seems to be the same as many others, as sometimes I ask myself am I going mad with grief? Keep searching on here you will find lots of support and help. I miss my son so much too, it is unbearable, I really don’t know how We go on but it’s a case of hour by hour or minute by minute. On here people really understand and you can say things that you might not like to tell friends or family because sometimes you feel you have to put on a brave face. No need to put on a brave face here, we all know how difficult this journey is and hopefully help one another through it. Sending hugs Jss xx

Dear Zammaureen,
I lost my only sister in January 2017 and then in December 2017 I lost my youngest son, to lose my sister was incredible painful but when I lost my son my world just fell apart, I did not think I would survive without him in my life…so to lose two sons and your husband is just so very cruel ,my heart goes out to you.
It’s understandable the pain you are going through and I wish I could could offer some words of comfort, but please keep posting and pouring out your grief it’s helped so many on this site to get through just day by day.
Thinking of you…Take care …Marina xxx