Struggling with nightmares constantly

Has anyone had issues with nightmares?
My mum passed away in may with myself, my sister and grandad in the room. For me it was really difficult and traumatic I’m only 21 and I’m really struggling with it every time I go to close my eyes I see her dying again and again and I can’t make them stop.

I know this might sound silly but I’m exhausted from not sleeping and just want it to stop, did anyone else have this problem ? And what helped.


I have in the past.
I can’t predict that this will help, it was a technique given to me by another, and after a few attempts or compliance attempts, my nightmare thoughts have become rare.
I write a letter to myself recording the nightmare as best recalled, each occasion my recall improved, and as I put those thoughts and comments, I then give my apologies.
At first I would admit that I would reason my words and actions if they were from actual events. But the more I said sorry, the more these conversations became resolved.
Ie, not keeping contact with my brother who died in a motorcycle incident, I have or had never told him how much he had been important loved and missed, my mother who passed in 96, and I had been estranged for a long time before that. There’s others. Well the least you could do is try?, all the best

@abae Hi there, sorry to hear you have been having these issues, must be awful for you.

I had the same for a time. I learnt a technique where you just think positive thoughts and memories before I went to sleep and looked at photographs of happy times. It doesn’t necessarily have to relate to those you have lost, just happy memories in general, try to train yourself to do so.

It’s easier said than done but it helped me. Also try and head out on your own (if possible in the current circumstances), you need to have some head space, so just head to a random place or destination and just walk and think for a few hours. Its very soothing and liberating; it can be detrimental at times to be surrounded by so many things that are connected to them, That worked fantastically for me and still does to this day, especially if you can get away for a few days on your own.

Sincerely hope this helps. I have prayed for you to have some restful sleep, bless you.


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