Struggling with physical grief after the loss of my mum

How to cope with physical pain

Hi. BDOG. Physical pain in grief is so often about anxiety. The mind transfers the mental pain to the body because it can’t cope with the feelings and emotions. It’s called ‘referred pain’. If you are actually in real pain physically then you should see your doctor, if only for reassurance.
You are in the right place for help. We all know and care so keep posting. Best wishes.

Having bit of a bad day today. The last few days I have been ok a few pains here and there but today they are back yet I don’t know why. Will counselling help me ? I have a scan next week on my heart just to make sure there is nothing wrong there. Just want these pains to stop.

Hello BDOG

I hope everything goes ok with the scan on your heart.

Next week I have to go for a 24 hour ECG due to palpitations that I’m hoping are down to this awful anxiety. Anxiety shows no mercy does it but you’ll feel better once you’ve had some assurance.

All the best.

  • Reassurance that should say! Sorry, not having a good day today.

Hello Tina19,

Thanks for your response, I have had a couple of test on my heart and I have a murmur also a leaky valve but hopefully this scan next week will show that my heart is fine and that the pains I keep getting is all down to grief.

Physical pain caused by grief is not nice and sometimes its hard to explain because other people around you don’t know how you are feeling and how scary the pains are.

I know over time the pain will ease but we all deal with grief differently and there is no right or wrong time to grieve, you have to do what’s best for you.

I hope your ECG test goes well and i’m sure you are going through the same kinda pain that I have and hopefully over time it will ease.

Take care of yourself.

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Having a bad day today pains in my chest and arms. Blood test have come back all good yet my mind keeps running away. Really hope I get a phone call from Cruse counselling and hopefully get to the end of this tunnel of grief.

Having a really bad day today the pain is really upsetting.

Not too sure if im stressing about my hospital appointment Thursday and Cruse to get in contact with me next week.

Sorry to hear about your pains it’s so worrying when these happen I feel a deep pain in my heart at times. Why don’t you use the Sue Ryder video counselling instead of waiting for Cruse I was a bit anxious about using it but so glad I did it was a quick appointment and able to see counsellor via video link I’ve had 2 appointments and found it really useful

Having a bad day today yet don’t really know what has triggered it.

Had my CT scan last week and have heard nothing yet so hopefully all is well there yet I’m still getting these pains in my arms and across my chest.

Has anybody experienced pains similar to me and will counselling help?

I have been waiting over 13 weeks now for Cruse to get in contact with me.

I’ve thought about signing up for counselling here but I don’t want to waste there time incase Cruse get in contact.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.

Having a bad day today chest pains are almost unbearable!!

Good news start my Cruse counselling Tues.

Had my CT scan over 2 weeks ago haven’t heard anything yet so hopefully no news is good news.

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