Hello . I’m really struggling with the loss of my husband who passed away August . Some days I think I’m doing ok under the circumstances then it’s like hitting a brick wall when I least expect it and the sadness is so overwhelming .

Dear Carol,
It’s like that for me too. I lost my younger son 8 weeks ago, he was 30 years old.
I have just started having manageable days and then bang, it’s like falling off a cliff.
Keep going through those hard days. I’m staying busy and not thinking too far ahead-I can’t deal with never seeing Henry again but cope better if it’s one day. Hope that you can surround yourself with people who love you. X

Lost my partner ,Sharon, to Cancer on the 26th November…she would have been 51 on Christmas Eve…
She lost her mum in May this year…now this…Devastated…lost and feeling lonely…even though I have a wonderful family and friends…
Glad I found this site…just need to share some thoughts…I too put one foot in front of the other…

very sorry for you loss Carol.cant say im coping in the slightest and my partner Jayne passed on 10th feb.hope you manage find ways to cope and get help and comfort from family and friends,im on a waiting list for bereavement counselling and getting assessed on this site on 27th dec.


For me after a year it’s like a wave that pushes you down but on bad days it slams me to the floor, medication helps,numbs you, I feel I’m existing as I care for my parents but honestly if it it wasn’t for them and Leanne’s fur baby Roxy who I now look after then I’ve had enough of this ,I feel tired and incredibly sad that Leanne is gone she was only 30,my only child and I was so close to her, I was her mum and dad, she died 21 Oct 1918 , last year was a blurr I don’t remember christmas last year but this year’s hit me ,I worry that she’s forgot me, I worry I’ll not see her again

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Hi Carol…I feel the same.
Lost my partner Sharon to cancer this November. We were together 24 years…
She would be turning 51on Xmas Eve.
Still can’t believe it…feel lost and so sad that it’s also overwhelming.
Take good care of yourself…