Evening, i dont know where else to go in real life so I thought I’d reach out and maybe rant a bit here if you dont mind.
My dad died in November, he was only in hospital a week so it wasnt expected and its 4 months later and I am still struggling on a daily basis. I’ve never felt so alone. my mum died 4 years ago.
I have 3 siblings, and it’s like their lives just moved on. I’m single, I was living with my dad. I had to move house 6 weeks after he died and start on my own.
does the emptiness ever go away?? am I doing something wrong?

Hi there. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss.
My mum passed away Nov too and still feel completely lost most of the time! Sometimes I have good days and I’m really pleased with myself but that makes the bad days harder.
I’m living alone in my mums house now she’s gone and it does get very lonely. There’s not a lot of escape from what’s happened- it’s all around you in the walls and everything they touched. It does sometimes give me some peace to, to know I’m custodian now and I will look after her things.
I’ve found getting away for a bit helps, so you have some headspace away from the house, see other people. This could be staying with a friend (babysitting and dog sitting usually) or sometimes I go and see a friend and check into the local premier inn and have a good cry! Sounds daft but I can’t always do it at home. It costs money but to me it’s totally worth it.
Being left alone in the house after the death of a parent is (so people keep telling me) not easy so it’s ok to feel that’s it’s perhaps more difficult for you than your siblings. They might in fact be struggling that they aren’t as connected but might not feel able to say so

Oh my gosh I am so sorry for your loss that is terrible! I lost my Dad at the age of 21 three years ago and it was the worst thing ever for me even though he had been ill for 10 years however you can never prepare yourself to loose someone. Unfortunately the pain will not go away but I promise it does get easier over time! Please message me of you need anything else!

Lou xxx

I lost my dad on the 13th of February and I feel like part of me has died with him he was my best friend ! I was there when he took his last breath I spoke at his funeral but now I’m a mess I can’t get out of bed!! Tell me it gets easier I’m crying out for help xx

I’ve just sent you a message on the other thread.
Keeo talking to us, we all understand and have been through these feelings of complete despair.
Cheryl x

I lost my Mum suddenly 5 months ago and my Dad nearly 20 years ago. I adjusted to the loss of my Dad many years ago, but I’m grieving my Mum badly.
I was living with my Mum when she died. Daisysmumma, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to move house too so quickly after loosing a loved one. It must have been a awful added strain.
Make sure you look after yourself.