It will be 13 weeks on Sunday since I lost my lovely handsome caring funny thoughtful man. We were together for 8 years and it took me so long to find him. But he has been taken suddenly from me and my whole world has been turned upside down. I long to be near him or hear his voice again but I know reality means this will never happen. Today seems like a difficult day. We shared so many happy times and my heart is breaking for the loss of our future we have been robbed of. I pray I will be happy again one day. God bless you all struggling with this awful thing called grief :heart:

Margaret, I am so sorry that your lovely man had had to go, everyone on here have lost someone they love and we all know how you feel. It’s the really bad days that are hard to get through and as you know somedays are better than others, just hang on to the fact that tomorrow may be an exceptionally good day. The time we have with our loved one is never long enough but we don’t have the option. It takes time to overcome that want to hear, touch or see our soulmate and for some of us we still want those lovely moments years on, so don’t think it’s abnormally . Three months is not very long on this road of grieving and reading others post you will find many feeling just like you. We are always here for you and many will give you support and ‘distance’ hugs. Take care and blessings to you. xx

Thank you Susie, those are lovely words and reassuring. I am sorry for your loss and hope you are doing alright for most days. Sometimes l really need to tell people how I am feeling and to have this site where we have all felt the same is amazing x

Hi Margaret, just read your post and counted the weeks and realised that we are in the same position, 13 weeks since we lost our wonderful men. It’s so hard isn’t it, nothing ever prepared us for this and added to the horrors created by the coronavirus, it’s a nightmare . I find my days vary so much, some days I could just curl up into a ball and cry in bed all day. Other days I somehow feel a bit more motivated and positive and tell myself I’m doing quite well and don’t feel quite so hopeless. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary and I’ve never felt so alone and heart broken, even though I went out with our son and his fiancée and a couple of weeks ago was his birthday. All terrible”first”milestones but I’ve somehow got through them and you will too
and apparently it all makes us stronger. Not sure about that at our stage, but we can keep trying! Keep posting, we can encourage each other along. Sending lovexxx

Hi Jane, I hope you feel better today? Im told it’s very early days for us so to have to go through your wedding anniversary so soon after must have been awful, but like you say we will survive these occasions and sometimes I think thinking about how it will be is not as bad as we envisage when it comes, do you think? Its Patrick’s birthday in September and mine in October, we were both born on the 15th, we always went on holiday that time :disappointed_relieved:. I have been furloughed from work but yesterday found out my job is likely to become redundant. I cannot imagine how I am going to get a new job feeling the way I do at the moment but hopefully , in a few months, things would look brighter. Its just another thig to cope with without my man. Margaret xxx

You’re right Margaret, it is early days for us and I have to tell you that yesterday was not as bad as I was expecting. Had a good weep then got myself together for a meal in a lovely restaurant with my son and his fiancée. Hopefully you should be all right for September and October.It’sll awful isn’t it, we would always go to France in July and celebrate Malcolm’s birthday and our anniversary over there. But the one positive thing about this pandemic , for us. is that nobody will be having normal holidays this year , So sorry about your job, is it definite or up in the air because of all these horrible circumstances? Hope it all works out for you. and things have changed in a while…Coping without our men is just the hardest thing, never knew how impossible it would be, Let’s hope we feel a bit more positive tomorrow, sending love