Thank you for your kind words I would in turn like to send my sympathy’s back to you. For the loss of your wife I hope you get your counselling soon and you find it helps And please don’t feel pressured to get rid of any of your wife’s things you will know when you feel ready
Take care of yourself

Hi Alston, my wife died just over 4 months ago and all her possessions and clothes are exactly as they were when she died. I have moved items when cleaning the house but always replaced them afterwards. I don’t expect to consider removing anything this year or next year or maybe ever. Some people find these possessions to be too much of a trigger but I would consider the missing items to be more of a trigger.
However, each to their own.
Best wishes to you and hope the counselling helps.

Alston the decision is yours alone, please don’t let anyone put pressure on you to get rid of anything belonging to your wife. Like Al, I couldn’t do it and didn’t want to, I really need Malc’s things around me, an empty house is bad enough but I need to keep all the signs that he existed here with me and I find them a great comfort. But everybody’s reaction to extreme grief is different, my Dad removed all of my mum’s clothes almost instantly . And I have a friend who went away for a few days and asked her family to remove everything while she was gone. Are we just a bunch of old softies? I don’t mind being one if it means I
can hang on to everything. Maybe one day we’ll feel differently but at the moment, never!! Take care x

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I don’t mean to deviate from @Sharon207’s original post, but just wanted to write this quick reply.

@1967, @AL2020 and @bjane - thank you all so very much for your comments. You’ve reassured me that I’m on the right track re my wife’s things.

AL - I know exactly what you mean, I’m not sure if I will ever want to get rid of her things either. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword - seeing them does sadden me yet I couldn’t contemplate removing them, would feel like I was cutting her out of my life entirely. Maybe I’ll find a happy medium somehow. Take care all.

Thank goodness I’m bot alone. I’ve hada couple of hints about June’s things but i cannot think of removing them, even her make-up and toiletries are where she left them. I put them back when I’ve moved them to clean. Maybe one day, but for now, they’re where they belong, at home.

@dave170520, you are most definitely not alone, and I hope it’s comforting to know that’s the case, it certainly is for me. Like you, my wife’s things are still where they were the day she passed.

bjane thank you for your kind supportive words, take care, night x❤

Sending love & strength to all of you above who have lost your beloved partners, my heart goes out to you. I have lost my beautiful son & am heartbroken. I am blessed to have another wonderful son & husband who are equally heartbroken & we are trying our best to look after each other & try to take one day at a time. We haven’t been able to & I can’t see us ever being able to remove any of his belongings from our home. It is so hard having all his clothes & things without him but I couldn’t part with anything. Night all, take care x

Night Rach, virtual hugs xxx

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Morning Sending hugs also to you and your family take care of yourself x

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Good morning . Love and hugs to Rach and all you ladies xxxx

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Thank you & to you too :heart: xx

Thank you, love & hugs to you too :heart: xx