The fact I am sending this message is huge. I lost my dad in September to cancer and then my mum to Covid in January.

The pain is massive the pressure has meant I might end up in my own.

I’m struggling and at times don’t know how to cope. It’s hard no one understands


@ScottW hi I am so very sorry for your losses and so close together as well I lost my parents many years ago and recently lost my soulmate in April keep posting on here you will find support we all try to help eachother as best we can I hope you have other family and friends around to also give you support I’m often in and out of here but will always reply to a message as soon as I see it take one day at a time stay safe take care sending hugs

Hi, oh my, both so close together, you will be finding it hard and my love and blessings are being sent to you along with big hugs. Yes, Casey is right one day at a time, little baby steps and everyone on here will support you plus if you think counselling will help, then just ask because we all need help and losing both parents is overwhelming. Things do improve but it does take time which can be very hard. My thoughts are with you, take care. S xx

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I too lost both parents within 6 month of each other and struggling for anyone to understand… I’ve lost myself during the grief and somedays just want to be with them… I was very very close to them both, they were the best. You’re not alone Scott… I have lots of friends but just can’t explain how alone I feel