Hi, new on here so first time messaging. I’m struggling to cope with the death of my ex partner, my sons dad, last Oct so still having to deal with “firsts” without him . My son seems to be coping ok although he doesn’t say much, I don’t want to upset him so I keep my feelings & sadness to myself as much as possible . I have feelings of hurt, anger & guilt & I don’t know how to deal with it .

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I’m so sorry at the loss of you’re ex partner.

I lost my younger sister last year and have spent the past 15 months not talking over how I feel to my parents for fear of upsetting them, and they in turn havent spoken to me over how they feel for fear of upsetting me. The thing is even without talking both parties are still upset but by putting on a brave face it’s caused other mental issues. I guess I’m trying to say is talk to you’re son. My parents, think I’m copeing because I’m trying not to upset them by letting them know I’m not.

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Sorry to hear of your loss too. I know I should talk to my son I just don’t know how to. We watched the football tonight with my older daughters (they have a different dad) we celebrated after the match playing Three Lions followed by Sweet Caroline which was one or my ex’s favourite songs, I caught my son looking at his dads photo on the shelf. I put my arms around him , gave him a kiss & asked if he was thinking about his dad, he said yes. The thing is he wouldn’t have told me, maybe he doesn’t want to upset me either so we’re both treading on egg shells around one another ?