I lost my dad in August and finding it really hard.

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Hello Charlee50

Welcome to our online community. I do hope this community will be of comfort and support to you. I am so sorry for your recent loss. It is very hard when you lose a parent and nothing can prepare you for their loss. You never see them as getting older and you just take it for granted they are around forever. I did with my dad and all of a sudden one day he was gone.

There is no instant quick fix to the pain and as to how hard it is in the early days of losing a parent. It is hard and in time and slowly you gradually accept the loss as you try to rebuild your life without your father.

Sue Ryder have an Online Bereavement Counselling Service which offers free professional video counselling to anyone living in the UK. Cruse Bereavement UK Support on 0808 808 1677 are another counselling service I would like to guide you to for support and they also have an online Crusechat. Please do not feel you are alone.

There are posts on here relating to the loss of a parent which may be of help to you. Take care. x

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Thankyou so much.