Hi all
I’ve never used a website like this to talk on and I have great friends
But I’m just struggling so much today, I lost a lifelong friend to suicide in 2020, lost my father Last year and recently my friend was subjected to sexual assault and my cat has to be put down tomorrow I just can’t seem to process all this right now and I feel like I’m completely lost and don’t know how to cope


The only way to cope is minute by minute. Hour by hour and day by day. Don’t look to the future as it will frighten you. You will not be able to see one yet. You need time to allow yourself to process all these sad events. Crying always makes me feel better. Don’t hold it in cry when you need to. Ring and get counselling it does help. I have found the Samaritans a very good listening ear especially when I have felt I can’t cope with all the emotions. It does help to talk that is why this forum is so good. You can say how you feel without judgement. Take care x


try not looking too far ahead as you may just see blackness and no viable future however I believe (and hope) that given time you will be able to tolerate and live again but don’t put a time limit on grieving, don’t apologise to anyone for grieving and accept all the help you can be it from friends, family or counselling services.

It’s such a sin that you’ve had to go through all these loses in such a short space of time and no wonder you can’t get your head round any of it.

And will be thinking of you tomorrow x

Suzanne x

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