Hi I lost my husband in July of this year. He was my world now its all falling apart I feel so alone and empty and cant see how I can live without him I have tried to be strong I just cant do it without my Brian there is nothing . Today the pain was so wrenching I took some pills just to make me sleep they worked for 7 hours but iam a wake again and its all back

Hello Lizzy, I am really glad that you have been brave enough to join our Online Community - but very sad that your beloved husband died in July. It must have been such a shock for you, and are probably still finding it hard to accept that you won’t see Brian again.
The most important thing now is for you to look after yourself. You mention taking some pills, if they were prescribed by your doctor, perhaps you could go and explain just how difficult your life is at the moment.
I am sure your dear husband would want you to get some support, so you can face the future without him. If you find night-times the worst, you could always phone the Samaritans, as they run a 24 hour service. It sometimes just helps to talk about your feelings to someone.
I am thinking of you Lizzy, with kind regards, Jackie

Thank you for your kind words Jackie I find it very hard to accept I wont see my Brian again. I do talk to people but I cant get across what I really feel so I hold back and don’t say much now but most of the time alone anyway sorry I
am just going on about nothing

Hi Lizzie,

Please don’t apologise - I don’t think you are going on about nothing, and this site is your space to get it all out, so just write whatever you feel you need to.

I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband Brian and that you are feeling alone. I hope that joining our Online Community can help you feel a little less alone - there will be others here who do understand what you are feeling.

For example, you might want to have a read of some of these recent conversations between women who’ve lost their husbands:

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If you have any questions about the site, or if there’s anything I can help with, just let me know.


Hi lizzie I’m so sorry for your loss I know exactly how you feel I lost my partner in May this year and I feel the same way as you I’m still numb and can’t believe I’m never going to see Robert again he was my world it was his birthday on Monday and I’ve been a wreck all week but I don’t think he would want me to be like this and I don’t think Brian would want you to be the way you are also just take each day as it comes and try and keep yourself busy it won’t take your pain away but it fills up your day stay strong I’m here anytime you want to talk to someone take care xxx

Hi Janey so sorry for your loss . your right in saying they would not want us to be like we are but don’t know how to be any different . It was Brians birthday 6 days after he die and our wedding anniversary and my birthday in august on the same day my god that was so hard so I know how you felt bless you. If I clean this house any more ill wear it away. Do you find being alone the silence is the worst thing ever no one to talk to and share with. Take care xxxx

Hi lizzie I agree with you I go around cleaning all the time I always thought I was a strong person but since Robert has died I’ve found out I’m not as strong as I thought hopefully time is a healer and in the future the pain will ease I’m here anytime you need someone to speak to take care look after yourself xxxxx

Hi Lizzy, I’ve been reading your posts and wanted to write and say Hi. I lost my beloved husband Gordon in May this year, and I know what you mean about the silence, I talk to Gordon out loud in the house all the time, usually giving him a running commentary of what I’m doing or thinking, because we talked all the time when he was alive. He was retired so whenever I was home he was here and we would just talk all day and night and I miss that so much. I leave the telly on and then go and do something in another room sometimes, just so the house doesn’t feel so silent. At first I cleaned like mad, but now I’ve gone the opposite way and find it really hard to motivate myself to do anything, because I just remember how we’d do all this stuff together - gardening, shopping, housework etc.- and I just want that back, I don’t want to be doing all this stuff alone.

Take care and remember we’re all here for you, Louise xx