I lost my dad nearly 4 year’s ago never did i dream I’d lose my mum to bowel cancer end of January, i helped my stepdad look after her then my stepsister helped until we needed dougie mac to help. She was the heart of the family and i was so close ti both my parents even though they had spilt up. I had a breakdown after my dad, then diagnosed with diabetes, overactive thyroid which i had to have laser treatment which made it underactive!!! All through stress. I have alot of health problems anyway having osteoarthritis in most of my joints and had a knee replacement, but i always had my mum!!! I just don’t know how to keep going I’ve now had a torn retina and had ti have emergency surgery, can’t see out of my right eye, i have a wonderful partner and my furbabies, but i still want my mum… it still doesn’t seem real and i just don’t know how to cope…

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been through great loss … all I can sadly say is walk on, one baby step at a time. this is all that any human being can possibly do. take it hour by hour, day by day.

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Thank you for your message xx