Hi my dad died in March and I have had a lot of support from this site, my mother in law died 8 weeks later from cancer, my partner left me two weeks later and now 8 weeks on my wonderful dog has died I feel so heartbroken with it all my dog was also a link to my dad as he loved him and loosing him is like loosing a part of my dad I’m on anti depressants now which helped until I’ve now lost my dog the anxiety is awful he was with me every day for 10 years and has left such a lonely awful hole x

Hello Wease
I am so sorry for all your losses and then your partner to leave you is just so hard to imagine.
My partner passed away 6 weeks today and I have our 2 little dogs now. They really keep me going and i cant imagine losing them so my heart really does go out to you because i know our pets become part of our family and in particular dogs give you the best welcome home.
I wish i could be of some help but just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and i truly understand the heartbreak of losing our dear pets and we must grieve for them too just remember what a lovely 10 years you gave your dog, all the fuss, treats, walks which you had. One of my dogs is 15 now and sleeps a lot so we spend days cuddling up on sofa which she doesnt seem to mind as you can imagine.
Take care, thinking of you
Carol x

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me and I’m so sorry for your loss, my dog was my whole world and such a connection to my dear dad feels like I’ve lost another part of him, he was my soul mate my soul dog and he was just my rock ns to loose him after everything has broken me xx

Hi wease. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. How are you feeling now you are on medication. I hope they are helping you. I have just returned to work on a phased return. It’s been tough not a moment goes by when I don’t think of my dad. We both lost our loved ones in march and it’s still really early days for us. I still suffer from anxiety attacks and considered anti depressants. Are they working for you? Take care and hugs wease x

Hi joey nice to hear from you well done for going back to work it’s a hard hurdle I haven’t managed it yet, my anxiety is through the rough loosing my dog but although I didn’t want to take the medication after the two weeks of the side effects they have calmed me down I still grieve I still have a level of panic but it’s nothing like it was I think they just give you more of an even keel and allow you to function a little better they wanted to increase the dose but I said no and will stay on this level I would recommend anyone who’s struggling considers it I have a friend who also lost her dad and is on them and again they have just evened her off a little. The anxiety and shock to the system is awful following a loss no one understands unless they have been through it thinking of you x

Firstly I’m so sorry to hear this. I lost my dad on March 2nd suddenly and I’ve been in denial ever since. I also have a dog who is 12 now. I couldn’t imagine losing her too. I also have problems with physical symptoms of anxiety. Major panic attacks, Breathlessness, dizziness, headaches, nausea and tummy problems for 3 weeks now. I’ve been back and forth to doctors who keep telling me my tests are fine and it’s all anxiety due to being im denial about my dad’s passing. Hopefully we can help eachother. Im Lost and don’t want to accept it’s happened but I do want to get better for my children’s sake. Is your anxiety affecting you physically too. It’s so hard to believe nothing is wrong when you feel so Ill.

Hi Sarah I’m so sorry for your loss my dad was suddenly to, I’m happy to speak and support each other where I can, my dog was a complete shock and yes he was old but was fine or so I thought then he’s died I feel like someone else is going to die next as things come in threes part of my anxiety I’m constantly anxious thinking the worse every day of everything I suffer from panic suffered from relationship anxiety until my partner left constantly over thinking everything my anxiety started when my dad died and has just got worse I’m on anti depressants and they help slightly but since my dog died everytime I eat or drink I’m on the loo or I’m sick in a morning for the fear of what is happening next I’ve been off work since March and there on my back feel life as I new it has gone, my dog was my best friend and a link to my dad, it effects me every day I don’t go out as I’m scared I’ll have an accident toilet wise it’s just awful I don’t sleep I can’t concentrate making up the next tragedy in my head and convince myself I will make it happen like magical thinking I’ve looked it up, I try self care things positive affirmations etc but it’s so hard I’m sorry your struggling as well happy to talk anytime unless you have been through it you don’t no, I haven’t touched my dad’s house as again you don’t want it to be true it’s just awful x

Hi Sarah. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I too lost my dad in March and finding it very difficult to accept. I can also relate to how you are feeling with your anxiety. I have been suffering from panic attacks ever since. I went to my GP and he prescribed beta blockers which I have found have helped me. Maybe you could speak with your GP and ask if they would help you. This pain is awful and I can totally understand you. We just have to get through one day at a time and make sure we look after ourselves. If you ever want to talk I’m here and how your feeling is all completely normal . It’s just so hard adjusting to our new life. I miss my dad terribly and still can’t believe he’s not with me. Take care Sarah hugs x

Hi wease. Thank you for your reply. Yes it was hard returning back to work but was a little distraction. I still sit and think of my dad all day. I still can’t believe it has happened. Thankfully my manager is very understanding. I haven’t returned to full hours on a phased return which helps alot. How are you feeling? Just to let you know if you ever want to talk I’m here to listen. We are all going through a really tough time and would help anyone who’s going through this awful pain. Take care wease hugs x

Hi joey that’s great you have an understanding manager it really helps, still the same panicky sick shaky waiting for the next tragic event I just can’t help it, thank you joey same to you we can all help each other x

Hi wease. Just to say hello and hope you are doing ok. Take care xx

Hi joey mixed really hope your doing ok? Thanks for the message x