So i lost my darling hubby 2 month’s ago and im struggling. I cant seem to find a point to anything.
Ive decided to go away for a few days on my own (im taking him with me in an urn) am i a weirdo? Is this normal and ok to do? I need sometime on my own where no one knows me and i wont bump into someone and embarrass me and them by crying.
Love and strength to you all :heart:


Early days for you but well done for going away. I’m attempting that in a couple of weeks so will be approaching 24 weeks and that’s with my daughter, the thought of going alone is not for me.

Nothing weird about grief, you do you and don’t worry what anyone thinks x


I dont see anything wrong with that .We have to put ourselves first and do.what is best for us .If other people dont understand then that is their problem xxx


@Ali29 thank you for your reply and for not thinking im weird!! Enjoy your time away with your daughter when you go



@Hope5 thank you :heart:

Go girl wish i had your courage my husband died too

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