Its four years this year since my fiancee past away. They say time is a healer but it really isnt. Not sure how much long i cam keep putting on the happy face when inside im still crumbling. The not eating or sleeping isnt helping. It seems never to get better


Hi I’m nearly 11 years in after losing my partner. It does get easier I promise. I know its hard but try to keep yourself healthy eating and sleeping will make you feel better. I slept with the shopping channel on for years just not to feel alone. Life wont be normal again, but you can make a new normal for yourself. It really does get better xx


Hi I totally agree with you , I lost my husband 18months ago, first 9 months I really found it tough, I stared after going swimming ,eating healthy,it has helped ,to ease the pain ,of course I still have bad days ,every time I feel I’m starting to feel those bad days,I get myself out ,for a walk,or swimming,it really does hep ,

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