I wake up from a restless sleep
For the reality to hit again that I am alone
My husband has been gone for three wks now,
Contact from people has weaned off since the funeral, I have even been asked if Im feeling better now ???
He was 43 we had so many plans this year including fostering children!
My family has been great but I am really stuggling to see the point in anything!

I really can sympathise - 5 weeks for me and I feel as though I am sinking lower every day but am trying to hang in there. I am told we will all feel better ‘in time’ and have to believe that. I am also finding that contact from people is waning, despite so many promises over the past few weeks. I am so grateful to those who have stuck with me and not let me down.
Wishing you strength. x

Thank you
Yes, I too must hang in there it is by far the toughest journey Ive had to face and we had been through a lot as a couple!
Sending best wishes and strength to you too xx

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I am also struggling, after 8 months without my husband. Even family support has dwindled and I have this awful feeling that I am going to have to make it alone. I have had 2 sessions with a Cruse Counseller but don’t feel any release from this deep depression which has taken over my life. I will persevere with it though as it isn’t doing me any harm, and I can talk freely to the lady who comes. I wish there was some magic we could do to make us all better. Posting on here helps, and hopefully we will one day be able to say that we are on the mend. Warm wishes to all. Eileen

Hi Everyone

Logged on this morning and saw your posts. Struggling seems a very appropriate way to describe it. It’s nearly four months for me and the rollercoaster of emotions continues. For the last few days I have felt overwhelming sadness that I just couldn’t shake. I am just trying to get through one day at a time and it’s tough. It definitely feels like a long and lonely road we are all on.

Hope today turns out better for all of us. Sending comforting hugs.


I am considering counselling
I know it is something we do have to perseverve with if we are going to get through!
I have said the same wish there was a magic wand to wave the pain away!
Best wishes keep strong xx

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