I lost my amazing mum 2 days ago in hospital and the pain is so raw and hurts, I just don’t know how we’ll cope without her, she was our rock. We weren’t ready to say good bye to her as she was only 54. Haven’t been able to stop crying and i just seem to be walking around in a daze or a trance. She was a victim of vile sepsis and a rare bone marrow cancer called myelofibrosis. :sob::broken_heart:


Hi Kelsa93,

I am so very sorry for your loss and what you are going through. You will still be in so much shock, it is very early days for you.

How horrendous that your mum is so young, it must seem so unfair to you. I’m hoping you’ve got plenty of support around you from family and friends?

I’m sorry that I haven’t got anything to say that will help take the pain away, but I have found sharing my thoughts on here to be ever so helpful and it made me realise I was not alone. There is always someone here to listen and everyone has suffered terrible losses, so they truly understand what you are feeling.

I am over 5 months into this terrible journey since i lost my mum and, although I am still very much grieving and miss my mum enormously, I am now able to function better and the pain isn’t quite so raw. Just take things step by step, day by day at the moment and don’t expect too much of yourself. Please keep posting anytime you feel you need to.

Sending you love xx


I’m so sorry to hear this about your mam it’s very sad to write the words when someone dies just as much as it hurts to say the words out loud that they’ve gone Im just into my 4th week since my mam passed with sepsis and lung cancer it’s such a heartbreaking time to deal with all this and I remember those first couple of days when my mam passed been in a blur of tears and utter disbelief and I’m still very much in that place now but with little more control knowing she’s pain free I’ve only just read peoples texts and the sympathy cards that were sent as I wasn’t ready to see the words ,please take everything at your own pace and don’t feel any pressure to respond to others I found eating small snacks and even just closing my eyes now and then to rest helped keep me relaxed in those first few days as I’ve not slept much since it happened or ate propley little things day by day it’s all about taking things slowly cry when you need to rest when you can I hope you find some peace over time xx

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I’m so sorry for your losses everyone. Those early days are hard, being in a daze. It is about taking each day by day, even hour by hour! Let your feelings out, what ever they may be. Cry if need too.
I lost my Mum one year ago & there are still days i struggle, but i try to honour my mum each day, even if its in a small way. Light a candle, tell her something that had happened, think of or share a memory of her.
It does help to write & share your thoughts here, it has given me such support.
Take care.


Hi Kelsa93,
I am so sorry for your loss.The pain is the worst in the world and like you I didn’t stop crying for what seemed weeks.The gut wrenching raw pain in the beginning is something I will never forget.My advice is just take care of yourself by eating just something and resting.Set yourself small steps each day. Put yourself first.its easy to say all this though as when people told me all this I felt I just wanted to scream bec all I wanted was my mum back and nothing else.
Have you got anyone to help you cope with it all?
I remember being awake all night every night for weeks and weeks in total disbelief. Crying all night long until my face didn’t even resemble my face. Feeling sick and dizzy and weak from it all to the point if exhaustion.There is nothing you can do except try to get through each day and break that down to each hour. There will be a lot happening in the next few days so keep strong and try to rest whenever you can.Sleep whenever you can also even if it’s stupid times and hours. I used to be awake feeling so alone in the middle of the night and that’s when I found this site a godsend.Keep posting as you will make so many friends on here who will help and support you with advice,friendship and simply listen to you.
Love Deborah x