Today has been a hard day its my dads anniversary the first without my mum.i just feel so empty and lost in side things dont seem to get any better long to tell them i love them and to say thanks for being the best mum and dad .

Hi June45
I’m so sorry you have lost your parents. I understand your feelings of feeling empty and lost I too feel like this and it is so painful. I lost my husband 5 weeks ago and I yearn to see him once more and tell him how much I love him but I know that it is physically not possible but I tell him anyway many times a day. Tell your Mum and Dad how much you appreciate them love doesn’t disappear when someone passes away but hopefully stays around us.

Take care

Hi June45

I agree with Denise. Tell them how much you love them. Xx

I lost my dad May 2017 then my mum May 2018. It has been the hardest year ever but the one thing I still have is my love for them and nothing can take that away. I have a picture of them next to my bed and I tell them I love them as they smile back at me.

I’m dreading my birthday and Christmas without them so I completely understand how hard key dates are. Hope you got through the day ok?

Ann xx

Thanks for your kind words it mean a lot iam sorry you have had a bad year i just feel like a orphan .hope you are well xx junr

Hi June45

I guess the harsh truth is we are orphans. It’s so rubbish.

I’ve just read the book “the orphaned adult”. I couldn’t put it down to be honest. It helps knowing other people understand though so I’m happy to keep chatting on here to compare notes.

Do you have much support from friends and family? I have found that people tend to forget or don’t want to talk about it after a while unless they have been through similar.

Sending a Saturday hug

Ann xx

I lost my dad when I was 24years old, and lost my mum a year and a half ago at the age of 32. I too am an orphan and I hate it. I’m so angry at life. Angry that I can’t have one parent. I feel powerless. I have been forced to become an adult in the sense that I have no parent to turn to for help. It scares me. It’s lonely. I have nobody to care for me unconditionally as a parent would. I’m nobody’s priority. I miss their love to me. I hate myself for being so full of self pitty. I wish so much that I could be strong and focus on what I do have. I have a husband and two beautiful children. Yet I am not who I used to be. And I don’t like that I am not who I used to be. I was taken from myself without me having any control over it. I feel a broken, sad little girl. I miss my daddy and my mum. I long to have them here to hug me. It’s just so cruel what life throws at some of us. X

Hi i inow how you feel this sunday am going to scatter my mums ashes in rosthy am upset that i will no longer have that little peace if my mum.i feel like a orphan to and like you i hate life i cant tslj to my children as two off them are in austrlia which is were i was when my mum passed at christmas iam anger that i never got to say good bye and to tell her how much i loved her .i know she will be happy up there with my dad but i just want yhem both back .sending you big hugs june x

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Thank you. Big hugs to you too xxx

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Hi fallingstar and June

It is unfair and I could have written that fallingstar about feeling like a little girl and wanting my daddy and mum back too. Xx

When I feel alone, I sometimes look at a lovely picture of my mum and dad smiling at me. It gives me such comfort. What has been taken away is my future with them but not the past. They made us who we are and not even death can take that away. Death can’t take our love for them away either. I get comfort in that. Rambling on here helps a lot too.

How were you when you scattered the ashes June? I’ve been avoiding that task so far.

Big hugs to both of you.

Ann xx

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