It’s been over 3years since I lost the woman of my dreams we were married 47 years my son’s seem to be coping better than me but this year I planned to go on holiday on my own I can’t do it so I cancelled life is so hard without my baby


So sorry to hear of your loss - I’ve been told that time doesn’t matter when you’ve lost the one you love - well done for coping with your grief for the last three years - just because you weren’t ready to go on holiday this time there’s no rush to step out on your own. You can try again. Be kind to yourself. I’m only four months from being without my hubby - each day I wake up is a day I don’t want to go through but I do. We all do what we need to do to. Take care


It’s nearly nine weeks since my partner passed away and I am struggling to do anything eating is very hard to do I’ve lost so much weight even my GP said I might end up in the hospital after posting a message on here I had someone who showed concern and convinced me to eat something it has worked I’m eating a bit more than I was but now it’s other things I am struggling with anxiety and loneliness and the dread of being alone I don’t have any friends or family and not having anyone to help me grieve I have been under the mental health team because I was thinking of trying to end my life I spent Xmas in the mental health hospital and I’ve been diagnosed with severe anxiety symptoms l try getting out of the house just for a drive around and when I get home I just spend my time laying on the bed and I’m not sure how much longer I can struggle to carry on without her this is the first time in thirty years I’ve been on my own

Hi @Boo2 are there any groups in your area you could meet up with? Im happy to chat privately and help you look for somewhere if you need any help with that. I just lost my dad 6 weeks ago to a short but painful and traumatising battle with cancer and I miss him so much I too have very dark thoughts and constant feelings of dread and sickness, I feel so ill. He was 67 :broken_heart:. Managing my weight and starting to eat again has been a lifeline. It’s definitely harder to get yourself mentally well again while your body is struggling to survive. I started ordering in HelloFresh as I hated cooking and had no appetite what so ever for months, lost lots of weight I couldn’t afford too, but Dad was a total foodie and it’s something we enjoyed together living at home with him. I still can’t eat any meals or snacks we use to :cry: it’s too hard to know he can’t enjoy them with me. When my dad lost his appetite as he got sicker and couldn’t keep anything down, soup was our go to.

It sounds like you don’t have a support system so genuinely if you need help with anything at all, just message here or a private message. Try and eat, going for a walk helps, maybe you could go on the Borrow my Dog website if you need an excuse to get out and like animals?