Hi my husband died a year ago and I am really struggling with loneliness , ever since he passed not one of his family have been intouch nor have friends they all blank me I don’t no what I have done but feels like they only spoke while my husband was alive. Don’t no if I can put up with this much longer it’s destroying me


I lost my partner nine weeks ago and like you I’m really struggling with loneliness and anxiety and any friends we had as a couple are just ignoring me it’s good to be able to post a message on here because it’s surprising how many people will reach out to you every day I wonder how much longer I can carry on without her
Take care and look after yourself


I know exactly how you feel. You just spoke those very feelings i feel a year into this sad journey we are on … its just so lonely it breaks my heart ! Family and friends have deserted me too … they were never really there from the beginning ! We dont deseve this do we ? Its so unfair and actually quite cruel. I think winter makes it worse cos youre stuck inside . Hugs to you. I know just what youre going through xx


Hi everyone I lost my husband just over 9 months ago and like all of you I’m really struggling and I’m finding it so hard to move on without him I have a good family it’s when I return home the loneliness of the house it’s so quiet this is when I start crying just hope one day I can cope

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