I’m still stuck

It will be 4 years this year since we lost my Mum suddenly to stomach cancer. We lost my Father in law 2 days before my Mum past away to lung cancer and my Dad will be 6 years. He died of bowel cancer.

It horrible watching a loved one die of cancer!! Something dies in u 2

My life has stopped

I don’t know how to move forward I don’t cry because I have 3 kids under 10 years old so I’ve become very angry I don’t know what to do!!

Anyone experiencing the same

Hello Annah

You have been through such a horrible time .
Even though you have children you can cry, you need to grieve for your family .

Have you thought about counselling when the children are at school or joining a bereavement group in your area ? Your doctor should be able to help you find somebody you will be able to tell them how you feel instead of bottling it all up inside you.

I do hope you can find some help soon, take care J x

Hi annah,

I am so very sorry to hear all you’ve been through in the last few years. To lose your loved ones within a short space of time to such a cruel disease must have been extremely difficult and it’s completely understandable that you’re feeling stuck and angry at the moment.

It’s really important to take care of yourself and not hold in your emotions. It can be hard to let it all out, but it can help. Have you got someone you can talk to about how you’re feeling? A close friend perhaps? Something else you could consider is looking into counselling - your GP will be able to help you with this. Alternatively, Cruse Bereavement Care are a good place to start.

Take care,
Online Community Manager

Thank you Eleanor I went to the doctor today as u recommended but I struggled to ask for help so I left feeling stupid.

Never mind x

Whoops that sent toooooo quick.

I will source help on line and go to cruise and I will look for a breavement group in my area thank u ladies x

Hi annah,

It can be really difficult to ask for support, but going to the doctor is still a step forward - feel proud of yourself rather than stupid. I hope you manage to find some online or local support and do keep posting here if it helps.

Take care,

Hi Annah

I’m really sorry to hear you have been through so much. It’s not a surprise you feel stuck.

It’s really good you found this forum and you are seeking help. That’s what help is for and I’m sure your parents would want you to move forward somehow.

I get a lot of support from this forum just by knowing I am not alone in my feelings. I’ve been seeing a counsellor too and it helps to just get everything off your chest without feeling like a burden on friends and family.

I lost my dad last May then 6 weeks later my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I’ve been caring for her since and I am not scared to say I need and Will accept as much help as I can get.

Keep posting and good luck getting a counsellor.

Ann xx