Stuff to help cope

Hello all
Does anyone have any book recommendations or any general media or films about coping with grief. Thanks

Hi, I have looked on you tube and found some interesting talks and interviews. Just type grief in search and there are a lot of different things to watch. I find watching these better than a book, it helps more with the lonely feelings to see the person talking.
Take care, Kate


Going back a while, there was a thread about books which you might find helpful.

I did a great amount of reading after my husband passed away and I did find it a source of comfort. x


Hello @Shaunxie, you’ve had some good pointers already but I wanted to share a few of our Grief Guide resources with you that you might find helpful:

  • Six books to help you through your grief - In this article, we share a selection of book recommendations from the Sue Ryder Online Bereavement Counsellors about understanding and coping with your grief.

  • Grief Cast podcast series - After Cariad Lloyd’s dad died when she was 15, she found her experience of grief to be lonely and isolating. She created Griefcast, a space where she and her guests could talk openly about grief.

  • TV programmes about grief - In this article, our Sue Ryder Online Bereavement Counsellors share five of their recommended TV programmes about grief.

I hope you find some comfort in these,

Take care

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Their is a book about greif and the stage of it I think it amazon

Look up Tom Zuba online he has helped me enormously with my grief. He has 2 books which are very great.

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