stuggleing to cope

i am stuggleing to cope with the loss of someone I could relate to. he shard a lot about his life and condition DMD whitch i have too. he ment so mutch too me and i wish i had spoken to him. I have been crying a lot about him.

I just don’t know what to do

Hi Connor,
Are you alone, or do you have family you can talk to?
It must be so sad when you have lost someone who meant a lot to you on Social Media.
There is a help page on this site where you can maybe speak to someone about what you are going through.
I hope there is perhaps someone close who can help you

i don’t like sharing sometimes to my family so i don’t make them sad

I get upset that this person died so suddenly. i’m sad about them needing a post mortem. thay had the same condition as me. i know he was only on social media but a lot of people say he was a kind person. why do the best people die so soon.

I just miss him.

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