Such a long day

Finally in bed !
I had a call from my mums Carers last night saying she was feeling unwell
So off I go , Mum is receiving palliative care and also has AF , a heart condition she has endured for over 20 years. When I arrived she described the pain she was experiencing as a dull ache in her left arm , jaw and left side of chest , I felt physically sick! All I could think was oh god No! Please don’t do this again to me !! The ambulance arrived and took Mum in to do further tests.
Thankfully I was able to pick her up at 10 am this morning and take her home :relieved:
Muscular they said, thank goodness!
I have had a little cry this evening, happy tears that my Mum is still with us and sad tears that I couldn’t give my hubby a hug and have him support me the way he always did :pleading_face::broken_heart::heart:

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I do hope you have had a good nights sleep, it helps to face what the day throws at you, and you are having more than your fair share at the moment, the situation we are in with COVID is making everything worse, like you I miss hugs, I just long for somebody to be able to give me a hug :cry:keep strong, sending love and virtual hugs :kissing_heart:xx

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Hi @Jude28, thank you x. I had a reasonable sleep . Just about to set off again to sort Mum n Dads medication and breakfast .
Take care x

Oh my god, thank goodness it didn’t go as you feared but I cannot imagine how you must have felt after what you had previously gone through. I was shaking just imagining being in your position after you arrived at your mums.

Sorry this is a late post so much later as I didnt see it. I hope you had a better day today and are not too shaken up. To have that happen and then not have a husband hug is awful too… I am thinking of you and hoping you can have a peaceful sleep xxxxx

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
I am pleased that your mum is okay, MrsT1

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Thank you xxx

Thank you xx

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