Sudden and unexplained

My wonderful soulmate went out one evening a couple of weeks ago and never came back. He was only 50. They can’t find a cause of death at the moment. By the time I found him, he was in an ambulance and had died. I have adult children who are devastated and we are all in complete shock. Everything I did, I enjoyed doing because it was sharing the experience with him. I don’t know how to move forward when my entire future was interwoven with his. I can’t understand why this happened and may never know. I don’t want to think about how long the future will seem without him. We never seemed to have enough time to fit in everything we needed to. Now time goes so slowly.

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Hello Jules, I am so sad for you and your children, adults or not you have lost a very important person and at present not knowing why or how. My heart goes out to all. Time will seem long and the days and nights can seem endless but things will improve. When we loss our soulmate, we have lost a big part of ourselves and at present you will feel that you are in a thick fog, give it time and love from your children and things will improve. Bless you all. xxx

Thank you for your kind words. Nothing feels the same and everything I looked forward to I now dread without him by my side.