Sudden Death - an item for widows

I have not recommended a website before, I don’t even know if it’s allowed. I would just like to tell you about, it’s both an account of how a 50plus widow experiences the trauma of her husband’s death from an undiagnosed heart problem. Under the site map column there is a wealth of information as experienced by the grieving person as well. It’s told by an American widow, I normally shy away from contributions from the USA as they are generally a bit OTT but there is a lot of information to read that someone may find useful. Otherwise take care everyone and have as much a peaceful few days as possible.

Many apologies for appearring sexist. The story is written from a widows point of view but relates just as much to either sex.

Hi Tina, I looked at the website that you mentioned I found it quite interesting and very comforting especially the poems about the dragon fly and the butterfly one, my husband was very much into nature.I’m off to stay with my sister for a few days but am feeling aprehensive about this as I feel close to John (my husband) when I’m In our home I’m already thinking about coming back before I have even left.hope you managed to of found a bit of peace and tranquilty of late.speak soon.Debbie