Sudden Death due to negligence

Hello I’m a broken woman my best friend who was my sister went into hospital for a kidney stone removal last year she has had many operations in relation to this but this time she died suddenly from the anaesthetic. She has been gone 9 months now and I still can’t come to terms with it. She was taken from me from the people who were supposed to protect her. Every day is a struggle I’m not even half the person I used to be, I used to smile and be a people person now I’m angry and paint a smile on every day but all I want to do is keep the door closed. I’m a single mother with 2 children and also a child care worker. Im recently out of a domestic violence relationship and my sister helped me through this but now she’s gone I feel so alone even though I have friends and family I can’t bring myself to ask for their help and support because I don’t want it from them. She knew me and everything that happened so not only am I trying to rebuild my life which is hard but I’m constantly angry that she’s no longer here. I’m lost and need help so I’m reaching out behind a screen because I can’t do it face do face because I’m the person people come to and I don’t want them to see me as I am


with all you have gone through, I would seek face to face counseling. after I lost my parents, I saw a therapist. what I like about counselors is they are trained to focus on YOU. friends and family are regular humans. but therapists are specializing in people hurting and you get all of their professional attention.

Claire50 So sorry to hear how your sister died My husband died due to poor medical care abroad lack of appropriate medicine and equipment It is very difficult to accept this and sometimes I feel so angry about his unnecessary death I have sought professional therapeutic help I hope you will feel able to do the same as Berit suggests too I am sure your sister would not want you to suffer