Sudden death loss of a sibling

My brother was the victim of a hit and run, he died. 18 year old. I’m struggling with his death as I also lost my step dad 6 weeks to the day prior. I’m the one there for my mum. Who has two young girls to my step dad. I struggle trying to be there for her as well as deal with my own loss, but I have to be there as I have to be there for her for both my step dad and my brothers losses which happened so close together.

Hi Wlouise, I’m so sorry for losses you have had in your family, you must take time to grieve yourself, you can’t be strong for everybody else if you don’t look after yourself first, my heart goes out to all of you, it must be so hard for you and your Mum, hopefully things will get easier in time, sending love Jude xx

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