Sudden death of husband

My husband had a heart attack and died just over 2 weeks ago. It was his funeral today. I only have one son who has aspergers and Crohns disease and no other family nearby. I have a little beagle dog who is in kennels until Friday. I feel very low and wonder how l can go on as we were very close and happy. I hope it will get easier.

Hi there
I lost my husband just over two weeks ago to a Cardiac Arrest!
It is his funeral tomorrow’
Like you We were also very Happy
We did everything together!
I am left with our two dogs!
I can’t even begin to think how I am going to cope with the road ahead but I send you the biggest hugs and wishes as I know it’s such a difficult time xx

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Hi my husband also had cardiac arrest when walking the dog. When I got to the hospital they were still trying to resuscitate him but his heart was badly damaged by the arrest although he did survive for 3 days without regaining consciousness. I think the funeral has helped in some way. I tried to include everything I knew he would have wanted and there was a huge turn out. I suppose the dog will give me something to do and be company when I get him back. I hope that the funeral will help you in some way too and your dogs will also keep you going xxx

I think the dogs are making me get out of bed!
My husband worshipped them
It is such a horrid place to be isn’t it xxx

It is. I’m having the Beagle dog back tomorrow. I hope I can cope as he’s full of energy and my husband was out with him all the time. My huband absolutely adored him too x

Ooh a Beagle
We had a Beagle full of energy and mischief
Im sure you will cope my two dogs have not liked the routine change but give lovely comfort with their cuddles!

We used to go to a beagle group and they have so kindly said that the will raise money for a bench for my husband in the local park. I was so touched and pleased but now my son who has aspergers has said he doesn’t want a bench there to remind him and upset him. He said if they put in a bench he will destroy it. I know it’s because of his aspergers but that has really upset me xx

Oh im sorry to hear it has upset your son as yes, it is a lovely gesture from The Beagle group!
Is there something else they could do for your husband’s memory that your son will find easier to cope with?

I might ask them just to get the bench without a plaque or anything for now. I’ve got the dog back now. He’s not two yet so he’s full of beans and he’s even more hyper than usual! Xx

Yes, good idea about the bench

Yes, that sounds like a typical Beagle ours was like that a real character!
They sense the changes!
I was talking to a lady today whose partner passed away and she got a puppy to keep her mind distracted!
As I say im left with two dogs who I must say have helped probably more than I have realised!
I have to walk them which is getting me outside, and yes, they have been more hard work than usual but have also been a huge comfort xx

I had Bruno back last night. He was so good. He fell asleep in my arms and then got up and went into his crate where he slept all night. His love is such a comfort xx

Agh that is lovely
Im glad he was a comfort to you xx

I took him to the weekly beagle meet today. The Beagle members said they are going to do a memorial walk for him every year as well as getting the bench. I think dog people must be the kindest people xx