Sudden death of my Only Parent and dog ♥️

Good Evening members,

On the 20th of June I lost my Only parent/dad. He raised me from a young age on his own and has been my number 1 supporter and biggest fan. He went on a fishing trip on his own, with our beautiful dog. I was unable to go due to not getting work leave. It was a search and rescue because of an EPIRB activation, which ended with the devastating news that he was deceased in the water. Our dog also passed away. I am still awaiting autopsy results but may never know what truly happened.
I am 22 and now feel so alone, and feel so so robbed of this time with my dad. I am getting good and bad visions and replaying conversations and memories over and over in my head. I’m having awful images of him out on the boat.
I am just so broken and feel so alone. I don’t have siblings. I am so lucky I have a wonderful boyfriend who has been amazing during this time.
Any words of wisdom, tips or encouragement anyone has?
I’m trying to stay strong but this pain is unbearable. And it feels like no one around me understands.
I wish he was here, I miss them so much :frowning:

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What a tragic way to lose your parent and a pet as well. I am so sorry for your losses.

I am two years into the journey of losing my remaining parent, my mum.

I lost my dad when I was 27 and he was 53. My mum lasted 20 more years.

All I can say is look after yourself, take the time you need to adjust, rely on the support of others if you have any support and you want them ( I personally shut everyone out and have only recently started being sociable again)

This site was a massive help to me and still is. In time I was able to distract myself with work, a good tv show, a book.

This will be a long and painful journey. Keep talking

Cheryl x

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Thankyou Cheryl for your response,
I am so sorry to hear of your losses too.
It’s definitely a long journey ahead for all of us.
I have been doing the same thing with blocking people out. I’ve been finding it really hard to talk to people, and have been ignoring calls. Im not really sure why. Before all of this, I would of thought I’d be someone who would be clinging to my friends during this time. But im not, it’s the complete opposite. Maybe because being around people is quite energy draining I suppose.

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Definitely Cheylee

I got tired of hearing ‘your mum is all around’ or ’ your mum would want this’

No! My mum was a healthy and active 74 year old who suffered a sudden bleed on the brain which took her away in an instant. What she would want is to be here with her daughter and her granddaughter.

People did nothing but annoy me and most of those still had their parents.

I find now that I am much less tolerant of people and enjoy my own company.

You will get through this; it just won’t be easy x