Sudden death

This time last year we was on a family holiday like we do every year , on the 19 th July we was on are last day and due to fly back home , that afternoon’s my dad said he wasn’t feeling well , he stood up walked a meter away and dropped down , he had a massive heart attack and died , since that day my life has turned upside down am really struggling with him not being here and with it happening so fast , people say things will get better in time but I don’t think it will , all I do is relive that day in my head every single day , I think of my dad every minute of everyday . Has anyone been in my situation? Does it get easier?

Hi Sarah,

It is very sad that your dad died this way, and how much you have been suffering since.

The reality is we all respond differently to grief, and so no one knows when things will get easier. For most people here, life does improve, albeit slowly, after a year some people are able to get on with day to day tasks without struggling, but there are also people who after a few years still have too many bad days.

Did you speak to your GP? Have you received counselling? These are things which can make life easier for people, as can having a place where you can talk about your grief as often as you like, so it is good that you have decided to come to this forum, as most people who come here have benefitted from it.