Sudden death

Hi everyone it’s early days for me . My partner , best friend and love of my life was taken off life support yesterday 24 hours after a catastrophic brain aneurysm. We were laid in bed chatting in the morning and then he went right in front of me
Despite all efforts to to resuscitate him from what at the time we thought was a heart attack he never regained consciousness

I feel paralysed with grief and my heart is breaking
I know I need time and have support of a loving family but I suppose I’m seeking solace amongst those of you who have experienced this
My heart goes out to you all it’s unimaginable before this happens to understand what a person is feeling after losing a lives one


My heart goes out to you. No words can make it any different but you are correct that talking and sharing with those that have experienced a loss is some how more comforting. It’s knowing you can say and be how you really feel.

I lost my husband in March of this year to a sudden heart attack. He brought me a cup of tea up to bed in the morning, the next minute he was gone. The paramedics worked on him for an hour, my brother in law who is a critical care nurse at Addenbrooks worked just as hard and although I knew he was gone I hoped a miracle would happen.

I struggle to look at his photos because he looks so well and happy in them all.
I wish it had been me and not him

Take your time, be easy on yourself,
Take care

Dee xx


Thank you Dee I’m so sorry for your loss like you I hoped for a miracle right up until the ICU team gently let him go - so so sad :disappointed:

You feel like you just died yourself but are stuck in a living hell.Michael.

Dear Pen and Dee

My husband died in very different circumstances but like yourselves I hoped that he would have survived his injuries. I know the emergency services, including Air Ambulance, worked as hard as they could to save him but his injuries were not survivable. I miss him, I need him and am so heartbroken.


There’s no end to this pain.


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Thinking of you today.Michael.

Hi Shelia
I’m so sorry that we all find ourselves here it’s heartbreaking. It’s been 4weeks since I lost my partner Alex

The trauma of a sudden death is such a shock and hope that in time we can all start to mend .

I’m just trying to take one day at time as looking to a future without him is just to overwhelming .

Thinking of you in these difficult times stay strong x


Overwhelming indeed,takes over your life,losing my darling wife Judith 6 weeks ago has very nearly destroyed me,I am unable to do anything ,lost a stone and a half in weight because I just cannot eat very much at the moment,sleep is a luxury,lonely empty house not a home anymore,hate this new lonely life .Michael.

Michael I’m so sorry it’s really hard isn’t it … there are really no words of comfort at times like this

I have been writing a journal to Alex everyday and night since he passed letting him know about my day and how I’m feeling . I find this helps a little but doesn’t replace the conversations we had everyday .

It’s a very lonely place to be at this moment but hope we all have the strength to get through these devastating times

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Yes it is very hard to carry on,I find it very hard to be comforted by the kind words of friends,she is still not here with me and it is breaking my heart every day.Judith was the most special lady ,she gave me 32 years of love and I will never forget her.Miss her so much,my life is now nothing but misery.Michael.