Sudden death

Hi all,
Not sure what’s happening to me, all I know is that speaking out on here always helps me. I lost my mam suddenly in front of me almost 2 weeks ago but since then I’ve suffered nothing but chest pains and horrendous nightmares where I keep passing out and calling for help, is this normal after seeing a sudden death, not sure what to do, I talk about it all the time to my partner who is amazing but it’s really getting me worried, has anyone suffered similar or any advice?


Hi Ab12,

Do you mean that you actually pass out, or that you have nightmares in which you’re passing out? As for the chest pains, best book in with your GP practice, I’d say. They’ll be best able to advise.

Know it’s just a dream I see myself pass out or scream for help and nothing happens it’s awful it scares me when I wake up, not sure if it’s just because I seen this happen to my mam. I definitely going to book into doctors

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The chest pains are probably related to stress, but best check it out to put your mind at ease. Nightmares are part and parcel of a sudden death, I think, as well as flashbacks when awake. Have you tried something for sleeping better? It might help to talk to a counsellor too. :heart:

I’ve not tried anything other than take it day by day, but I really do think I need help, I know it’s early days so though it would of gone by now, do the nightmares continue forever? Xxx

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It’s very early days, so it isn’t strange that you still have them. They won’t go on forever, but they might remain for some time. You could try a supplement for sleep, like valerian root or chamomile, or an app for relaxing. I haven’t tried an app myself, but others here have mentioned two helpful apps: Headspace and Calm. Maybe sleeping more soundly can keep the nightmares away. :heart:

Hey there I lost my Mum coming up to a year and for the longest time I was convinced the grief was killing me with my chest pain. I have had a lot of tests done but there’s never anything wrong.

I do think the chest pain is literally heart break though. I still get it from time to time but like everyone has recommended you’re best off getting it checked out to rule out anything serious.

I am also very sorry that you have found yourself on a site like this!


Thank you for the advice and support I will definitely try them and hopefully it eases my sleep, sorry we are hear having to share support and advice xx

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It’s reassuring to know others have felt this, I will definitely contact the doctors tomorrow as it’s really wearing me down. It is awful that we are all hear on this site breaking our hearts, but it’s comforting that we can support each other xx


I understand, it can be scary when you haven’t experienced anything like it before! Although I’ve had numerous blood tests and ecgs I still worry there’s something wrong! I guess we make it worse by worrying and it does happen when you lose someone close you start to worry about your own health and other family members it’s awful, take care! X


I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. i lost my mum just over 2 months ago. I remember the first few weeks is quite intense, i felt something and i wasnt sure what it was at first this intensity feeling like @Ulma said it probably is from the stress or heartache your experiencing with chest pains and the nightmares too which i also experienced to. its not easy at all and your still grieving like the rest of us here just be kind to yourself. its still raw for your as you said it sudden which is the same for me as well and im still finding it to cope at times.

but yh if your worried do get yourself checked out the GPs. everyone has given great advice here