Sudden loss of daughter 46

Lost my lovely daughter 3 weeks ago unexpectedly she died in her sleep and was found by her children 15 &12, we don’t know yet what caused her death,all the family are devastated I am taking care of the children until their father and partner can move in and care for them, just holding it together for them don’t know how I will get over this, my husband died 18months ago.

Hello Nanabanana,

I am so very sorry to read that you have lost your daughter at such a young age and without warning. What a dreadful shock for you and your family - especially so soon after losing your husband. You must be in absolute turmoil and having to dig so deep to find the strength to care for your grandchildren.
Please accept all the help and support you can and above all, look after yourself in all this. One day at a time.
Thinking of you and wishing you strength.
Ann x

Dear AnnC
Thank you for your kind reply, yes one day at a time is the way to go

so sorry for your loss! I am in similar situation, lost my eldest daughter nearly year ago(she had been ill but end was sudden!) also lost my husband two years ago! don`t know what advice I can give except to be kind to yourself let yourself grieve. I find that keeping busy helps.

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After reading both the above replies concerning the,original,letter nannanana about your tragic losses , I’m completeltly dumbstruck at the amazing courage all of you. I lost my daughter on March 5th , but it only “hit” me 2weeks ago when we had 2 more major family blows. I’m numb at the moment and even seeing my granddaughter just breaks my heart. I struggle to even get up in the morning . I really need some advice.

Dear June
I feel for you, my daughter passed away 5 weeks ago now and I find it terribly hard, all I can advise is to be kind to yourself and try to keep your mind busy and keep active if possible. There will be good and bad days.
I try to be strong for my grandchildren but don’t always succeed. If you can plan a task to do each day so that you have something to get up for even if it’s a small thing.
That’s all I can advise but my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Ann (Nanabanana)

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My heart knows the pain of yours.
My daughter Kelly passed away in her sleep last Friday. The post mortem didn’t reveal a cause. She was only 42.
It is still beyond comprehension, I am waiting to wake up or be told it’s not true. They made a mistake.

Hello Vivienne
I am so sorry for you, the pain is indescribable I know, this happened to me it took 8 weeks to establish the cause, all I can say is be strong and try to remember the good times.
I would like to say it gets better but it just gets easier to deal with. There are good days and bad days, we just have to keep soldiering on.
My thoughts are with you xx


It’s been 10 weeks since my daughter unexspectadly passed away to SUDEP. . Sudden unexspectad death in epilepsy. We’re still in total disbelief. I constantly think about her and often ask why? I’ve know idea how to carry on anymore. It’ll be her birthday in December, she would be 19 . . I just want to be with her.

I lost my Son nearly twelve months ago unexpectedly and very sudden and it was
ages before we got the cause of death … foolishly at the time, I thought I was the only person who had lost an adult child I then found this sight and realised just how wrong I was…it’s heart breaking to realise how many there are that have lost a child for so many different reasons…this sight as given me so much comfort and to be able to express my feelings to people who truly understand how each of us feels…
I know the feeling of losing a child but to have lost your husband as well must be horrendous and I just cannot begin to understand the pain and grief you must be feeling…My love and thoughts are with you…take care of yourself…keep posting you will find it helps…Marina xxx