Sudden loss of my dad

Hi I lost my dad back in March just before lockdown, it was very unexpected he was admitted with pneumonia then discharged then admitted again 5 days later when they told us he had aggressive lung cancer and only 2/3 days to live. He worked full time up until this and after the diagnosis he lasted a month longer but he wasn’t himself he got very confused and then passed away the day before his 68th birthday, I’m still struggling so much with his loss with lots of questions going around in my head. When he passed I was alone with my dad and again it happened all of a sudden.

Hi ness
I’m so sorry to read about the sudden loss of your dad. 68 is no age and you will be feeling all sorts of emotions I expect.
I lost my mum to a sudden brain haemorrhage last June. Its 14 months and its still very hard to get my head round.
There are plenty of people on this site who have lost a parent that you can talk to.
It has helped me so much and there is lovely support here

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Dear Ness,
That must have been such a traumatic experience for you to lose your dad so quickly and suddenly and to witness his death, I can totally understand that you are struggling and that there are lots of questions going through your head, questions you may never get an answer to. It is good that you have come to this online community, You will find when your read other peoples posts and replies that many people have gone through similar experiences. It must have come as such a shock to your dad to be told that he only had a few days left to live. He must have been a very strong man to have lived another month. I hope that in the time you had with your dad between his diagnosis and his death you were able to tell him all the things you wanted to and that he was able to do the same, Are you able to share how you feel with a family member or a good friend? It does help to grieve together. I have 3 sisters and when my parents died we supported each other. Wishing you comfort and strength at this difficult time.

Hi Ness
I feel exactly the same as you. I also lost my dad a few days before lockdown was introduced to cancer and like your story it was also very suddenly. I just feel angry all the time and I am experiencing bad anxiety at the moment. I dont feel I have anyone to talk to and when I do conversations always revert back to the pandemic. I understand the pandemic has been a terrible time for so many thousands of people but I’m angry that people are dying suddenly of other illnesses and families have no support. My Dad was also 68 and after only a couple of weeks from being diagnosed he was taken at home. Part of me feels angry that he did not get a chance to see an oncologist because i think the hospitals were preparing for covid and therefore he was sent home to die.

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