Sudden loss of my father

I am 28 years old and I come from a tight knit family. Mum, dad, my younger brother 23 and younger sister 21 and I. 4 weeks ago my dad went on a his normal walk to the park and little did we known he’d never come back. He had a heart attack which was completely shocking as he had no health problems. My brother arrived quickly after my dads call and started cpr. The ambulance arrived and managed to get him conscious we thought that he would make it. Sadly due to covid we had to follow the ambulance to the devastating news on arrival at the hospital that he didn’t make it. My dad was an all rounder very intelligent, loving, talented, good at everything and a true gentleman. I am so broken inside I just miss him so much and can’t imagine life without him. Every day feels like a nightmare. As a family the timing couldn’t be more awful as we were all about to finish studying my sister pharmacy, my brother product design and me my pgce in teaching. I just can’t accept this is real and just feel numb. :(. I was also daddy’s little girl so this is just so hard

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Hi rubykk,
I’m sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your dad.
Sudden loss is so awful. Not only do you have to deal with the loss of your dad but it’s the shock that goes with it. Life was normal one minute and changed forever the next. No goodbyes and no preparing for it.
I’ve been there twice.
My beloved mum had a sudden brain haemorrhage last june and died within a few hours. The loss is indescribable and I have had a horrendous year trying to come to terms with the shock.
When I was 25 my dad died from a massive heart attack in bed aged 53. My mum had only gone to make him a cup of tea and when she returned he was gone.
I’ve been there twice ruby and I can tell you that things will get better. You will never get over the loss but you will learn to live without them. You will always miss them and its particularly hard in your 20s when you are embarking on careers and thet have died before you have settled down, had children etc. My dad died 9 years before I had my daughter who is 13. I’ve always been very sad that they missed out on knowing each other.
I’ve now got a different pain of learning to live without my mum who did everything for my daughter and I.
Just take each day at a time and it by bit things will improve for you
Cheryl x