Sudden loss of my wife

My wife of 45 years passed away suddenly this year on April 1st. I thought i was coping quite well with her death until recently. Now i seem to be not coping very well at at all and i am constantly in tears over the smallest things. My family have been absolutely brilliant and really supportive.


I found that facing this pain and allowing it to be there make it easier for me. The times that I tried to resist the pain and avoid it, it crushed me harder and made me weaker. Lots of hugs to you. Be hopeful. xx


I know this feeling well. 8 months now since I lost my husband suddenly. I feel worse than ever. And so many people have deserted me - they seem to think that I am okay now. I hope you have someone to talk to. I have a counsellor but don’t want to burden anyone else with my misery - doesn’t seem fair so I put on a brave face and cry myself to sleep every night.
The grief really does seem to come in waves. Hopefully things will improve for you for a spell but it’s early days for us and I am trying to accept that.
Sending a big hug to you.