sudden loss

My husband collapsed 5 weeks ago today and the ventilator was turned off the next day. I had to try a resuscitate him it happened in the street. Now 5 weeks and I’m feeling depressed is this a normal reaction am I expecting too much too soon

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@dantsmgints welcome to the club none of us wanted to join.

If you read the other posts you will find that what you are feeling is not unusual, I would say though if the depression gets out of control you should ask for help sooner rather than later.

For me it’s 8 weeks since my wife passed away, I don’t think I’m depressed, but talking about Alison starts the tears flowing.

I’ve only been a member on this community for a few days but it’s clear there is a lot of virtual support and we do all fully understand what you’re going through.


My husband died of sudden heart attack, 12 weeks ago!
Just sit with the grief, it does ease , just let it flow xx


So sorry for your loss, I too lost my husband suddenly. He was out walking the dog and my phone rang. He was calling to say he had crashed the car avoiding a deer. He said he was shocked but not injured and I quickly made my way to pick him up as his car was undriveable. He was just 2 miles max from home . Once my phone connected to the car he had stopped talking I then heard a strange voice telling him not to try to move. I quickly arrived at the scene where he was lying on the floor the lady who I’d heard was calling the ambulance asked if he was breathing he wasn’t. I checked his pulse and felt it stop. The lady took over and started cpr. Eventually ambulances and specialist teams arrived and they worked on him for1hr 40 minutes. But it wasn’t to be. This was the 16th Match andyesterday16th Julyi had to take his dog to be put to sleep as he collapsed on Friday. It nw feels like another piece of him has gone.
I still feel incredibly sad and depressed and still don’t believe he is gone. This is a long slow journey with twists and turns along the way. I’m trying to not have any expectations . Take each day as it comes. I find I have no resilience and the slightest thing brings huge emotions.
Thinking of you.
Take care Sarah x


I share your sadness, it is an incredibly lonely journey isn’t it xx


Hi All,

It is 21 weeks since my husband died and my emotions are all over the place. I expect that they will be like this for a long time to come. I find the empty house and the loneliness very debilitating. And like you Sarah I can’t believe he has gone.

Sending love.x


Sometimes when I tell people I feel ike I am telling lies for sympathy as if that is better than reality x hugs to you all x

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Until someone is in our position they won’t understand whatever we say. Whether it be about the devastation it causes, having to adjust to living alone, eating alone, everything alone. Missing that special person. The tears are starting to flow now as I am wrting this.

Big hug.x


Big hug to you too it just comes in waves xx hard enough for us to understand our own feelings let alone any one else xx