Sudden loss

Lost my Dad so suddenly this year (March) he was super fit and healthy just getting himself ready for work as per normal day (he retired and went back) he was only 75 and still jogged every day. I guess I’m struggling with the cause being a clot when the autopsy said DVT (no way he was inactive) and miss him so much. One minute I’m fine and travel with work and the next can go into tears on a work teams call it’s so random … I hope it will ease …


Hi Clario

It will ease; it just takes time. I lost my active and apparently healthy 74 year old mum to a sudden brain haemorrhage in June 2019. I was incapable of much at all for 6 months. I was off work for 4 months and on reduced hours for a further two.

I was still tearful for at least the first year at work and emotional days still carried on into year 2.

Now, although my mum is on my mind all the time and I will never be the same person, I’m completely normal at work and my concentration is fine.

Just keep doing what you are doing and the rawness will subside. 6 months is still very early days.


@Clario I’m sorry for the loss of your father. I lost my husband in April. 75 years old, no medical problems and like your father, fit and healthy. Went to bed and didn’t wake up. His death was put down as heart failure. I struggle to understand how his heart just stopped. It is early days for you and there is no limit to grief. Like a lot of members on this group, the emotions come in waves. Fine one minute and then everything comes crashing down. I hope you have family/friends to support you through the dark days. Thinking of you. x

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Thank you and you too I hope you are managing to get by every day it’s really difficult for someone not to be there who was a huge part of your life
Look after yourself x x

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My mum went exactly the same way you are not alone pm me for words of comfort or chat if you want to

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