Suddenly my dad is taken

I’m not sure what to write here…. I’m finding life hard and stressful
My pops died very suddenly and unexpectedly nearly 2 weeks ago he was out in supermarket. I had a call from my neighbor to leave school to the police at my house, my world broke then we were close I’d see and talk to him every day, after that initial shock I then had to focus on my son he was off to uni in 3 days, we did that took him down, came home then last week was with my sisters trying to plan a funeral and agree, that’s finally happened and date is for October… I now have to return to work well I don’t but feel pressured to I don’t want to go back to those things, I feel so alone. My husband doesn’t live with me currently there’s a big situation so I’m home alone and it’s so hard and lonely. I know this is normal and not sure why I’ve written maybe for some comfort in support
Thank you for reading x

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Hi kazzaw so sorry for your loss of your dear dad I lost my mum 10 weeks ago and the pain is still as raw as the day she passed I miss her so much, I felt lost angry guilty and so alone even though I have two brothers and my dad still with us and two very supportive daughters, it’s so hard to try to carry on how you did before I did all the planning of the funeral, death certificate was hard to do, its such an emotional rollercoaster of emotions all i can say is take one day at a time, I’m not back at work just yet just can’t cope with dealing with others at the moment i go do my shopping go to see my dad then i I wanna just be at home I’ve got counselling starting in a few weeks with cruse, that may be a thing you could look into as i feel talking to people outside the family may help, theres counselling on this forum too if you want to try that, we are all on this dark journey together and hopefully can offer each other some support along the way, take care of yourself keep messaging on here there’s always someone to chat to
Love Lynn x

Thank you Lynne I’m so sorry for your loss, we lost our Mum suddenly in her sleep 25 years in October just 15 I was then, I’m the oldest of 4 girls so went into mum mode then even looking after dad, DAd and I were close and now I feel I have no one, so s at uni, husband isn’t around, and Dad has gone I have sisters but all dealing with things differently. I don’t feel ready for work tomorrow I work in a school so it’s going to be hard. That’s how I feel I want to close the world away at the moment but then feel so low and lonely.
Thank you for taking time to reply xx