Sue ryder child of my love book

Hello all,
I hope you are all well and finding a way to cope with the pain of grief.
I found a signed copy of the above book. I am so pleased to be able to give it to my local sue ryder shop.
I am finding since losing my Laura l have become more spiritual and people in the pain of grief are drawn to me and l have the ability to help them in their grief. It is so strange.
I believe that l have gifted this ability to help me in my grief by my beautiful daughter who l know is with me as l continue a very different life with my ability to help others while also finding some happiness in life.


Dear @Peanutbrain

How lovely and thoughtful to donate the book to Sue Ryder. That is kind of you.

Take care.


Hello Peanutbutter - so sorry that you are grieving the loss of your daughter. I am intrigued by your story and that your loss has enabled you to comfort others who have suffered in the same way . I have lost two sons , Adrian in September 2021 and Jonny eleven weeks later December 2021, both were sudden deaths . I Still feel that i am in a living
nightmare - far too much loss, though some days seem a little better. I am really glad that you have come through your grief with the ability and desire to help others, this is truly encouraging to hear. Thank you for posting - inspirational. JXX

So sorry i have called you peanut butter my favourite food- apologiesxxxxxx

I love being called peanutbutter Jenna. I know for sure that our children are still in our lives. I hear my daughter talking to me just as she did in life. I feel her.
She had mental health problems and starved and drunk herself to death when l did not see her for a month because of covid.
If you ever want to send me a message please do.
I visited a medium and that helped me a lot along with this website. I wished that we could set up groups so we could all meet personally.
All my love Jackie.xxxxxx

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Hi luv I’m so moved by your story of finding spiritual healing and helping others plus helping yourself at the same time I would love to do something like that but I don’t feel strong enough at the moment loosing Leah has completely crucified me and I’m struggling to get through some days but. I hope I could help People through grief XX shellyanne

Hello Shellyanne,
Thank you for sending me a kind message. I feel your pain. How long ago did you lose your beloved daughter?
It has taken me nearly 2 years to get to this point.

I had to let Laura go, my grief was holding her back. I felt that and remember the joy she brought to me.

There are so many people in pain and it is helping me so much to listen to them and help them in their earthly journey.

It will be Laura’s 40th birthday tomorrow and l will go to the friars a local Catholic monastery to light a candle and for quiet reflection. Also have a reading from a medium I have visited before.

I have also found peace in nature and bird life. You like me need to quieten your mind and the grief you are feeling will not be so overwhelming.

Peace and love to you.jackie.x

Hi Jackie I lost Leah In Jan this yr I’m totally devastated and heartbroken I’m a mess but I’m plodding on the best I can but thank you for caring it means alot. Take care shellyanne xx :bouquet::two_hearts:

Hello Peanut brain . Can I ask a ? Please. Can you describe what u mean by ’ letting go’of Laura. I know it could be seen as self explanatory, but I do think it is complicated. If possible and of course only if you want th share. I am unwwell almost all the time with various infections, the sleep of the dead. and low energy. I still cannot believe sometimes that these two men 'boys in 11 weeks, it is so hard to integrate .I am traumatised I think and worry now that my body is just pulling me down into a worse place. Sorry if this too much xxx

Hi Jenna,
I am sad that you feel so unwell. Body and spirit are so closely entwined.
What l mean by letting go is that l have to let go of the way things were for me as a mother. Laura will always be my beloved daughter but is on another plain now and my grieving would hold her back from spiritual progression.
It is hard to do this but l know that Laura would have wanted me to not constantly be in state of hopelessness and guilt which is what happens as we know when you lose a child.

Today would have been Laura’s 40th birthday and l have decided to make it happy not sad. I put on a red dress and celebrated the person she was and in my mind still is.

Death cannot take away the love we shared and l belive l will see her again.

I have also been open with people about my loss as l don’t want her never to be mentioned again.

The local Waitrose manager when l mentioned it was Laura’s birthday gave me a huge bouquet of roses and lilies.

Laura loved music and collected vinyl records which l also brought her from America. I took 4 of them to represent 40 years old and gave them to 4 young girls who work in the local pet shop as a present from Laura.

They remind me of Laura with their multicolored hair and tattoos. They know about Laura and call me mum.

This kind of support is priceless to a grieving parent. I have a son who does not talk to me as he thinks that l neglected him while supporting Laura with her mental health problems. So l effectively don’t have a family now.
I struggled this but now have decided to share my love and compassion with others who enter my life. This has stopped me focusing on my pain.

I sent all my love to you. Jackie.x

Thank you for your response Peanut Brain .I can see that you have been able to transform the experience. You paint a picture of love , creativity and groundedness as you have navigated and transformed. It is quite beautiful to read . Laura had a great mum and your son has too. I am here with a body that needs something - i will try now to take better of myself. Not doing so I think will keep me in a place where i do not want to be so thank youx

Your mind and body will heal in time. Look to nature and that will assist. I love feeding the squirrels and birds and this year also planted 9 different kinds of tomatoes. They all grew and helped me with my spiritual rebirth. I shared them with others.
I also volunteered for a suicide prevention charity for a while, but it was really too early for me then. But l will voluteer again but we need to heal ourselves first, but everyone is different.
This is your new life journey. I also went to a spiritual medium who helped me this is not everyone’s cup of tea but it worked for me.
I live in kent. if you decide you would benefit from a reading l would give you his number. Steve does phone, zoom or personal readings. Jackie.x

Hi, does anyone know of a good reputable medium in the Birmingham area, I lost my son Scott in May and the pain is unbearable. I don’t know if I believe in mediums but I want to, just to be able to know Scott is still near me and have some sort of contact with him

Hello Dee
I live in kent and know of a very good medium in kent who has eased my pain. He does do phone and zoom calls.
He is so real and could be a start for you.
His name is Stephen Rose. If you are interested l can give you his website or phone number.
Open up to Scott’s energy, try to lessen the pain of loss and you will feel him. Our grief stops our loved ones progressing in the spirit world.
I lost my daughter nearly 2 years ago and l felt the same as you until l started embracing my spiritual side.
I sense when others are in the pain of loss they are drawn to me and l try to help and generally be kind to all.
Much love. Jackie. X

Hi Jackie, I’ll have a look at the website if you could let me know what it is, thank you for your reply and support I’m so lost I have no direction anymore, I wish I could follow Scott , I want him back so much :broken_heart:

Hello Dee,
The website is
His number is 07718342077.
I am trying to set up a local group for bereaved families as l feel some would like to meet face to face so they know that are not the only one in the grip of this terrible grief.

He has really helped me. Keep in touch Jackie.x

Thank you Jackie xx