Feeling sad that everything g cannot be as it was before my husband died. We were looking forward to many things in the future

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Hello Sugarkane,
I am sorry that your husband has died, it is heartbreaking for you especially now that the plans that you made for your future can never be.
My husband died in August of last year (2019) life is very hard without our loved ones, his was a sudden death and whilst we were married for 59 years, it wasn’t long enough.
Welcome to this forum, where nobody wants to be, I hope that you are taking care of yourself and that you are being kind to yourself too.
There are many of us here who have lost our loved ones and are in deep grief.
MaryL x


I think we all wish it could be as it was before. I know I do. It’s very hard to admit the fact that it will never be the same again, and this is my “new” life. I’m not looking forward to anything now. The universe can do with me what it will and I’ll just go with the flow. I feel like I have no purpose, but perhaps that just remains to be seen.


Hello Dear Sugar,
It is true that time can drag when we are in the depth of sadness. and life flys when we are happy. But please, do not despair. The bonds of love in marriage were never originally intended to end. Our first parents could have lived here on earth for ever had they been faithful to our Creator. For he wanted them to enjoy life in perfect health right here on Earth and make it a paradise, increasing their family through child birth with out all the suffering that has existed till now. That is still His purpose and He has the power to complete that and will. We pray for His Will to take place on Earth as it is in Heaven and there is no unhappiness there. There is a special reason why we are still suffering and I would like to share that with you. [edited by moderator] With the kindest of regards, Allen

Hello Allen. May I ask whether you are on this forum because of a bereavement? If so, we would love to hear about your lost loved one.


Hello Kate
I have lost loved ones and remember the feelings, even now when I use tools left by my father.
But it is mainly to be supportive and help others have hope that comforted me, that I made the post. Allen

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Hi Allen,
Thank you for your reply, may I ask which religion do you belong to?. I am Church of England.
Best wishes,