suicidal thoughts mingled with anger

Spent a couple of days feeling suicidal then angry because I have no children. Yes I had children but my daughter committed suicide July 2017 and my son cant cope with my grief so has abandoned me. I feel angry as I said to my sister couple of days ago that I was worried that I may stop hearing my daughters voice in my head. She said “well its just one of those things”. Feel angry maybe I am wrong

Oh moggles so sorry that you are suffering this on top of your loss. This is so tough without anything else.
No one really knows unless they have been through it and tactless, thoughtless comments hit even harder when you are in the depths of grief.
The only thing I would suggest is that you phone the Samaritans right now if you are feeling as bad as you describe.
You are not alone. Sending you hugs. X

Oh Moggles feel for you i really do,i know sometimes it can feel like we just so sick and cannot take anymore,but we always gain some strength from deep down,if we just give ourselves a bit time,and think things over,everyone deals with grief in their own personal way and maybe your son needs to distance himself for a while to sort his own thoughts out,he maybe cannot handle your grief too at this moment,and others often say things that may hurt us,but i wouldnt overthink about it ,we can feel anger about our situations but try to be kinder to yourself and let the anger go if you can,as it will only wear you down.Thinking of you,please keep posting as theres always someone listening x

Sorry for your loss. I lost my daughter to suicide she was 23. She was in hospital and should have been on 10 minute obs due to risk but they was in a meeting so didn’t check on her. I’m devestated, lost lonely angry this was September 2018 xx

Thanks for your replies and comments. So sorry for your loss awful for you. In the very place you must have thought we was safe. Its hard t dea with the anger and I am still struggling Just iiving day to day xxx

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